Photo of Konstantin and Vlada Liberov

UAH 600.00

INFANTRY PACK – postcards dedicated to the ground forces. Combat equipment, infantry life, courage. The set includes 10 different frames. 

AVIATION PACK – a collection of postcards from an exclusive photoshooting of aviation. Fighter planes, pilots, work in the air.

ANIMALS PACK –  pack that dedicated to the life of animals during the war. The photos were taken all over Ukraine — Kherson, Bakhmut, the evacuation of horses from Avdiivka.

WAR PATTERN – a collection of postcards with different motives and moods. 

WINTER MOTHER – photo of the Ukraine Mother in the winter of 2023.

UKRAINIAN REALITY – the football field in Izyum after the airstrike. The kids continue to practice and play soccer despite the huge crater. 

FIGHTER PILOT – a photo of a pilot on his plane after a combat sortie.

WINTER PATTERN – anti-tank hedgehogs in Kyiv covered in snow.

DA VANCI TROPHY – a shot of fighters of the 1st separate mechanized battalion "Da Vinci Wolves" from "Solntsepok", which was the favorite "toy" and pride of the Hero of Ukraine Dmytro Kotsyubailo "Da Vinci».

TREMBITA – a soldier of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade "Edelweiss" with a trembita on a combat vehicle. The photo was taken in the Donetsk region, Siversky direction.

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