Postcard set - LIBKOS

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Ten photos we wish we had never taken, but we had to, because these memories are not only ours, they are the shared pain and pride of the nation. 

Now, on the eve of the anniversary of the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have collected the moments that are most embedded in our memory as symbols of resistance, faith, strength, and fury.


We shot these postcards between February 24 and December 2022. Surprisingly, before the full-scale invasion began, we had never fully noticed how beautiful our country and the world around us were.

Constant traveling around Ukraine along the frontline has taught us to pay attention to details that we used to pass by, because back then we were ready to look for and see beauty only abroad. And now it's like we've opened our eyes for the first time.

Memories of life is a set of 10 postcards dedicated to the sudden fragments of beauty that were revealed to us during our travels along the front line. We want to share them with you.

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